Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Frightened American People

Patriotism demands we must all openly call for Bush and Cheney to step down, despite any personal costs

Keith Olbermann led the way on Independence Eve in calling for Bush and Cheney's resignation in the face of their final treason against our beloved Republic. When George W. Bush eliminated the sentence for Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who covered up high treasonous acts by high-level Bush Regime personnel (including the man who directed the outing of Valerie Plame, likely Dick Cheney), this made perfectly clear where this President stands -- for himself and his narrowing base of unAmerican cretins, our beloved Republic and our justice system be damned.

I likewise call for Bush and Cheney's resignation (actually, any form of ouster will do), even though I, like almost all Americans these days, am frightened.

Why are we frightened? The easy answer would be the increasing government surveillance of our communications, the subverting of habeas corpus, or other ridiculous freedom-impinging results that have sprung from the USA PATRIOT Act. It's not just things like this. It gets "realer" than that.

We are frightened of losing our jobs, and following from that our health insurance, thus most of us clam up, whether on the work premises or not, about how we really feel about our disaster of a health care "system", the work world itself, or about what really needs to happen with this worst American Presidency on record. We are frightened of telling the truth that our nation is way past moral and ethical bankruptcy. We dare not speak up for doing anything that might make some corporations or industries unhappy, even if it is for the good of all.

We are frightened of each other, as we are bombarded with corporate newscasts that make it appear that our neighborhoods are chock-full of predators and otherwise awful people, and nobody can be trusted. The neighbors we used to trust and chat with are no longer anything but potential "enemies". We cannot deal with people who might have different viewpoints, and above all, democracy (the great historical invention it is) is feared because "everyone but me doesn't know shit!".

We are frightened of the world and anyone who doesn't look like us or follow our ways. We can't find most of the countries of the world on a globe. We think we are the center of everything, even though we are very much NOT. We eschew ideas from other countries because they weren't invented here, or again, out of pure fear. Despite our health care system sucking ass for millions here, we dare not consider ideas such as socialized medicine (we already have socialized retirement, education, libraries and fire/police), because limited socialism works in other countries, but could never work here (?) -- and this again, comes from fear of the unknown. We the Ignorant jump to conclusions about the world and its working solutions without even flinching.

And last, somehow, someway, we are frightened of this nothing of a President. Forget "bully pulpit", this President went straight to "Big Bully" and has run the most strident, belligerent, ignorant, stubborn, incompetent, callous, criminal Regime ever seen in these parts of the world. His continued virtual non-response to Hurricane Katrina has proven his disrespect for human beings and human decency. His virtual mass murder of Iraqi citizens and our beloved troops for no discernible reason proved the same, times 1000. And his administration's political vendetta against Joe Wilson which resulted in the outing of his covert CIA agent wife, was nothing short of high treason, and no matter who specifically conducted the outing, I ACCUSE George W. Bush and Dick Cheney of high treason against the Republic.

Here's where my being frightened comes into play. I may well pay some kind of price for printing this. But it is my clear-headed position, and my beloved Republic ultimately must come first. I have to speak out.

But for this to have any effect, you must join me. You must. Look at what this disastrous President has perpetrated against our beautiful country. Look at the ruination of long-standing principles and the rule of law. Look at our nation's extremely scarred image around the world. And look at the numbers of our fellow human beings DEAD because of THIS PRESIDENT.

President Bush, and Vice President Cheney, if you have any decency, or any regard for the Republic you pretend to serve, you will indeed both resign. We the People have had enough of you. We the People spit on you. We the People hereby deny you any more power over us.

For the sake of our grand, beloved Republic... We must stop being frightened!


Anonymous said...

Except that Libby didn't leak the name. Dick Armitage did. And special prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald knew that and forbid Armitage from revealing that info to anybody.

Perhaps your article would be better served if you chose to align yourself with the truth instead of what Keith Olbermann says.

Just a thought.

Steve Magruder said...

Yes, I realize that some people are getting caught up in this regime's and the Faux Noise Channel's smoke and mirrors routine over this.

But the bottom line is that Libby was covering up for his boss or whoever was the mastermind behind this high treason.