Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Election is about the Constitution!

Re: Stan Katten's article in a Southern California newspaper that begins with: "Whether the traitorous Democrats or the virtuous Republicans prevail could influence this country for years to come."

This is one of those articles that is so blinkered that it's amazing it was printed.

Calling Democrats traitorous when they have continuously advocated strong measures for protection against terrorist attacks is insane. The only traitorous behavior that is noticeable is when this President and his enablers in Congress (mainly Republicans, but also some Democrats) have openly abrogated our brilliant Constitution in the cause against terrorism, when there are so many constitutional approaches that could be taken (but aren't) to achieve a state of reasonable safety for our nation.

This constant divisiveness (not to mention the rubber stamp behavior) by some "virtuous" Republicans, clearly desperate to hold onto Congress, needs to be checked by a strong-willed electorate. No matter what happens between now and Election Day, the Congress will indeed be changing hands. This isn't necessarily because the Democrats have better policy ideas in general. It's because Republicans today care more about their own power than about fiscal responsibility, truly securing the country, and serving the people's interest. And especially because Republicans have lost their interest in upholding the U.S. Constitution as we all together want to eliminate terror threats.

The bottom line must be whether We the People are going to allow any reduction of our liberties in the face of a scattered, limited, but certainly real threat. Are we going to allow fear (mostly instigated by craven fear-mongers like Katten) to override our knowledge that when it comes to risk, we all have a much greater probability of dying in a car accident, or even a lightning strike, than we do a terrorist strike? Are we going to continue to allow an unchecked President to continue to break laws and abrogate the Constitution on multiple fronts? Why do we patriotic Americans have to put up with any threat to our Constitution and our liberties? Why must we give up even one shred of our birthright the Greatest Generations before us fought and died for?

It is clear that, by far, the greatest threat to our beloved republic are those who are internally trying to destroy our republic and our Constitution brick by brick, something the Islamic terrorists could only dream of doing. But, alas, people like Stan Katten are doing the job for them.

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