Thursday, March 02, 2006

Open Season on the White House

No, this isn't about the guy who drunkenly aims at fish in a barrel and shoots his friend in the face

A President dangerous to the republic becoming even more dangerous with each passing day had to expect some blowback. Well, here's your blowback, King George: It's now hunting season all across our great nation. The American people have suddenly realized they all along possessed a hunting license in their back pocket -- it's their title to "Citizenship." (Of course, I don't mean hunting in a literal manner--Geez, King George, don't send your S.S. troops out to have a little chat with me.)

A few months ago during the Katrina dust-up (heh), I wrote that I figured that the continued great damage our fearless leader was causing to the republic would cause so much trouble that the people would somehow rise up and do some pretty mad stuff. Thankfully, the American people stayed calm. Thankfully, because we wouldn't have been able to make it to February and March of 2006 when we get to watch a regime implode by its own weight.

I have some big questions that I believe indicate the ongoing implosion by way of expressing what I believe many of my fellow Americans are thinking. But first, let me review some Presidential actions of note over the past few months:

So, the obvious questions you might be expecting me to ask are "What did the President know and when did he know it?", or "What is the President hiding?", or "Is the President really this stupid or in the dark?"

Here's a more important question: Why does this President systematically lie to the American people to cover-up things he pretends he didn't know about? And his recent behaviors don't even fully underscore the rationale for this question. Look at the WMDs in Iraq that he claimed were there but are not, and look at his claims that he couldn't have foreseen 9/11, despite having seen a specific written warning on his desk weeks before that national tragedy. Bush's defenders might claim all these things were mistakes of an otherwise great leader, but even if that were so, a pattern is a pattern is a pattern. And these aren't just little white lies--these lies and the things covered up by the lies resulted in mass death and destruction.

Here's another one: Was President Bush a Manchurian Candidate in the year 2000? If I didn't know better, I would have to wonder whether this President is robotically attempting to do everything in his power to work against the best interests of the republic, at every turn. I mean, he is selling port operations to terrorist sympathizers, he was negligent with the fall storms, his minions undermine CIA operations (and thus our national security) by outing one of its spies, he craps on the Constitution with the domestic spying and many other matters. And that is all on top of his extremely high deficit spending, his elective war in Iraq, and countless other matters it would take days to list at this point. (Given another three years, it will probably take weeks to write out that same list)

And here's one related to the ports deal, and Bush's strange defiance about defending it: Did Bush run for the Presidency just to get the UAE ports deal through, while everything else coming before was just a pastime? Look, the guy is threatening to pen his first-ever veto over a plan he claims he didn't know anything about around a week ago. Think about this: Why would Bush be so defiant about this unless this is something he actually knew about all along, and something he and/or his friends/family personally gain from? This is because as the facts stand, a nation that is supposed to never deal with terrorists is now closing a deal with a country that lets the terrorists freely operate in their territory. Meanwhile, more than 70% of the American people oppose this deal. What possible principle could Bush be defending in pushing this deal down our throats? Global "free trade" (as if!) over our national security? Is Bush really suggesting this? Or, are his intentions more sinister?

Well, the American people are indeed taking the issues of the UAE ports deal, Katrina negligence and domestic eavesdropping to the level of speaking out against this President more than they ever have before. And they've got questions. Questions the President cannot answer without lying even more. And the President's poll numbers are dropping to record lows.

As the people, the media, and even more of his former Republican supporters increasingly nail the President on his many foibles, King George will definitely feel like he's being hunted. Or maybe not, because if anything, he may not even realize he is being targeted for history's dustbin--I mean, who in his regime has the balls to inform him of this?

Bush is now like a farm-raised quail. Unlucky for him, his Vice-President doesn't appear at the vast majority of these "hunts." (And when he does, he shoots at people, har har)

As bad as everything is getting with this congenital liar and sinister actor, why don't we all drop our normal discord and unite in one singular call to our elected representatives: Impeach the lying bastard or lose your jobs in November!

Let us allow Bush this one accomplishment: Uniting us in his own political demise.


Lydia Cornell said...

Wow great article! I couldn't agree more. Thanks Steve for posting at my blog. Freedom Fan is very interesting for a troll. At times I think he's actually coming around. He grows on us. There are a few others I don't know about though.
I understand how easy it is not to believe in God, but miracles are activated believing that good exists.

Lydia said...

Also liked what you said to cindy sheehan.